- Will drive up to 16 standard LEDs with no additional power.
- Up to 4 boards can be used (more by request). Different IDs available.
- 500mA per channel
- 500mA total current without external power supply. Higher current draw will require additional power.
- 5 volt outputs without external power supply.
- Up to 48 volt outputs with external power supply.
- Open-Source software. No driver required.
- Downloadable example VB application.
- C++ code on request.
- Support as a LED driver for several MAME front-ends soon.
- Linux Support

The picture below shows a schematic representation of 3 LEDs connected. These are 5 volt LEDs as used in our UltraLux buttons

In actual usage the connections would be made using quick-disconnects to the button lampholder.

up to 16 can be connected in this way. No external power required.

To simplify connection, for the power "daisy-chain" you can use our pre-made daisy-chain harness.



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