The Pinscape Controller is a free, open-source software project for the KL25Z microcontroller board created by Michael Roberts known as MJR.

Because Michael made his software and solution open source, there are several ways to implement this solution. This solution is combining software and different type of hardware to control and drive the different components in a virtual pinball cabinet such as Solenoids,Contactors,Blower fans,KnockerBeacons,Stobes,Shaker motor,Gear motor,Plunger

Pinscape Expansion Boards


The expansion boards are designed to make it easier to connect the Kl25z adding additional outputs.

MJR's Documentation: MJR's Website

Oak Micros Pinscape All in one ( Pinscape AIO )



The Pinscape AIO has the following features:
• Total of 128 pluggable screw connectors for power, inputs and outputs to circuit board
• power indicator LEDs
• 24 input buttons for everything from flipper buttons to a tilt bob
• Integrated plunger support and calibration
• Nudge support using an accelerometer
• TV and monitor remote control using IR or power on using a relay
• 16 current limited LED outputs for 5V LED lamps as used in lighted buttons such as “start” and “launch ball”. One nice use is for RGB clear flipper and optionally magnasave buttons. This makes a table even more realistic by showing the correctly colored buttons. The PWM feature allows for a wide range of colors by altering the hue of the red, green, and blue LEDs.
• 16 power LED outputs (up to 1.5A) which can be used for up to 5 RGB LED flashers plus one left over for strobe or other high power LED.
• 32 MOSFET power outputs for driving higher powered devices such as contractors, solenoids, motors, and fans.
• 9 MOSFET power outputs with hardware-based timers for driving noise-maker solenoids such as a knocker, chimes, or real pinball solenoids that may cause issues if driven continuously (either deliberately or via a software failure).


**Product Description**

**Pinscape AIO user guide**

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