Pinup Popper


Pinup Player: a program the can be controlled and triggered to play various types media. This can be played on multiple “screens and layers” and displayed on many different “monitors / TVs” in Windows.

PuP-Packs: (Pinup Player Packs)are an active video Backglass that is run by Pinup Player and can be used with (and controlled by) Pinball Emulators. The videos and media can be played on many screens at the same time.

Pinup Popper: an awesome front-end that “makes use of” Pinup Player, designed originally for virtual pinball cabinets with many displays, but can be setup for 1 display desktop and supports many different emulators.

Pinup System: a centralized install location of all Pinup related programs.

Links and Videos

Current Version 1.4.5 :

Pinup Player Download

Pinup Player front end Download

Download Pup packs

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